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Whether you're a businesswoman, a supermum, a housekeeper or a combination of it all, it doesn’t matter. A low metabolism, changes in weight, persistent fatigue, hormonal issues, skin aging: as a woman, you will get to a point to deal with certain ailments. The existing remedies are often reactive. Prevention is just a crucial part.

Why do we not look more at the cause of a symptom, like difficulties in losing weight, hormonal disbalance or disturbed sleep pattern? A possible cause can be an overloaded liver or disrupted gut microbiome. 

Nowadays the impact of sugar is still quite often underestimated.


However, sugar has scientifically proven negative effects on our body. The liver, the regulator eminently, is not enough considered in a preventive way. More than 50 % of the women are struggling with an overloaded liver. This complicates for instance the losing of weight for women who watch their diet, but can as well lead to lack of energy or fertility problems. 


However also stress has a direct impact on the vitamin deficiency for women. It is clear that healthy nutrition is the base, but this is not sufficient anymore. Processed food rich in (hidden) sugars, is an important cause of our current complaints.

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Camille Baekelandt, Founder UrPharma & Pharmacist

"A long term approach with guaranteed results, without compromising on the fun & health "

Also the intake of vitamins is not taken ‘au serieux’. You can underdose, but also make wrong cocktails with overdosing as a consequence. With Insentials the big advantage is that you can combine all supplements without taxing your liver or intestinal wall. 


Hence the importance of correct scientific coaching. Specifically this means that with Insentials you get – on basis of a validated screening – a personalized vitamin plan




Vitamins and minerals are essential compounds for the body. They play an important role in maintaining goodhealth and general well-being. They help in the growth andrepair of cells in your body. A little portion of these vitaminsare found in foods from the grocery store. Unfortunately,food only rarely guarantees a completely healthy way oflife. Preservatives in ready to eat foods, residues ofpesticides in fruits and vegetables, viruses,... are taken inwithout even noticing it. Still few people think about it. That's why taking additional vitamins and minerals play acrucial role in your daily diet.


On top of that, the female body simply needs more. MORE doesn't mean 20+ different kind of vitamins in lowdosages but the right vitamins, in 100% dosage. We go tothe essence of your needs.




This multivitamin contains only nutrients you really need. Most other multivitamins have 20+ ingredients that are toolow in dosage and that you already get enough from food.Ours contains only 6 but in optimal dosage & in abioavailable form, for an optimal absorption in your body.

Pil insentials et vit en min



If the foundations are good, like a healthy lifestyle, no overloaded liver and intake of essential vitamins, then you can go for an extra treatment of the symptons.


Hence the 02 : the energyboost; To boost your energy, immunity & reduce fatigue. en de balanceme; To balance your mental & hormonal health.



The 03 stands for extra’s : women who want to boost their skin, hair and nails extra, take apart form smart insentials the interbeauty (of inner beauty?) with high quality collagen and hyaluronic acid. The fatburner is advised for them who need a push to find back the way to a healthy life with complete formula to burn fat, improve sugar metabolism, reduce hunger feeling and digestion in a natural way.

Smart Insentials | Urpharma Store



The detox we always advise when after screening turns out that the liver is overloaded. ‘Treat the cause, not only the symptoms’.

This notified anti-oxidant detox blend is a power detox capsule with milk thistle, artichoke, choline and glutathione for the stimulation of your livercells, to help to eliminate & detox your body. An overloaded liver makes it difficult to lose weight and feels energised.

Advice: take a detox cure several times/ year (> 4x/ a year)

How to Detox your body in a Smart way?

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