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WONDR Liquids Starter Kit | Peach
  • WONDR Liquids Starter Kit | Peach

    • For greasy hair 
    • all skin types
    • Fruity peach scent
    • 1 refill = 500 ml
    • SLS-free


    The fruity scent of the Peach Shampoo and Body Wash will instantly brighten you up! Nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and kaolin are your partners in crime against an itchy (head) skin and greasy hair.


    1. Fill one-third of the bottle with water.
    2. Carefully add the powder to the water. Next, fill the bottle with water up to the indicator line on the inside.
    3. Put the lid on the bottle and shake well.
    4. Let your shampoo or body wash rest for 10 minutes. Easy peasy!



    The WONDR Liquids Starter Kit Peach contains:

    1 Peach On Earth Body Wash Refill

    1 You're so Peachy Shampoo Refill

    1 silicone reusable WONDR Bottles


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