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Insentials Collagen Beauty Sleep

Insentials Collagen Beauty Sleep

Effective anti-age skin booster, for fragile hair & nails improver. Ideal as a low-calorie delicious evening collagen moondrink, with purifying benefits for a smooth sleep.
10 days powder to mix with 200 ml.


It is recommended to repeat the Insentials® cure every 3 months, always in combination with the Insentials Inner Beauty.


Warning: not suitable in case of fish allergy.


Belgian Food supplement with Collagen, Milk Thistle & Psyllium.
*Collagen for your skin elasticity: ensures that your skin remains elastic, which results in less wrinkles
**Milk Thisle stimulates the detox function of your livercells, and indirectly optimises a good sleep.

***Psyllium helps optimal transit


No compromise on quality - 100% validated by experts.

Visible results after 10 days.




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